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Autumn Wedding in the Forest

I first met Ashton when she was one of the daycare staff for my daughter. I immediately liked her and was happy to have such a fun and caring person be a part of Blake's days. A year later, Ashton asked me if I would be the photographer for her mini forest wedding and I was super thrilled!

I have loved being a part of these smaller weddings over the past months. While most of my original wedding clients decided to postpone until 2021 to have their larger wedding, I've been so lucky to work with new wedding clients who decided to do something more intimate.

Ashton and Al wanted to have a wedding in the quiet and magic of the forest, and I'm so impressed with what they created. And who doesn't love a man in a kilt? And furthermore, a boy in a kilt?! It kilt me. Hah. Hah. Hah.

The Wye Marsh kicked us out shortly after the ceremony was finished, which was a bummer, since we wanted to get some wedding portraits in the forest. But the hidden blessing in that situation was we got to add another amazing location to the day's photographic documentation--my favourite willow trees at Sainte Marie Park. There is nothing quite like the evening light streaming through the branches of a willow tree.

Congratulations Ashton and Al! It's not easy to pull together a wedding, and you did it during a pandemic, AND with two young kids. You are amazing.


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