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Beausoleil Island Elopement

When Alex and Jay reached out to me and told me their vision of getting married on Beausoleil Island (part of Georgian Bay Islands National Park) I was instantly hooked. I spent most of my formative years at YMCA Camp Kitchikewana, which is on Beausoleil Island.

The wedding was in October, and it was NOT a warm weekend. Nor was it dry. But the couple are a pair of bold and adventurous people, so we went ahead with the plan! I'm so glad we did. It was windy as ever on the north shore of the island, as is expected, and that was the original spot for the ceremony. With weddings, as in life, sometimes you have to change your plans. It was not only too cold to head out to the point, but it would have been so windy that hearing the ceremony and vows would have been extremely difficult. So we found a sheltered place to do the ceremony and still got to experience the beauty of the island and Georgian Bay.


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