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Bengali Wedding Celebrations

My best friend Laura got married to an outstanding dude this fall. After the (first) wedding, there were two more events. The first was 2 days after the wedding, where traditionally, the bride is welcomed by the groom's family into their home. There is a copper pot that the bride carries over the threshold, specifically with her right foot first. There are a number of foods that the women in the family feed to both the bride and groom, and then there is a lunch where the bride serves her in-laws rice with ghee.

After that, we got to have yet another event with delicious food! My favourite. This time all of the "aunties" and friends gathered at the Living Arts Centre to celebrate the newlyweds. There would normally be a number of games that the newlyweds have to play, though they just did one. The wedding band was hidden in a bowl of rice and it was a race to find it. In pure cuteness overload they both found the ring and came up with fingers entwined.


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