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Lake Rosseau Wedding Retreat

Michelle and Chris invited me to document their entire day together on Lake Rosseau. It was one of the smaller weddings I shot this summer, with around 50 guests, but the outpouring of love for the couple was immense. The looming storm made for some hella-dramatic skies, and it was the most perfectly timed rain ever. After the ceremony and group photos, Michelle, Chris and I were taking advantage of the awesome evening lighting on the dock. We watched as the skies darkened, and then realized we had less time than we thought before the storm crossed the lake. We hustled back to the tent to get the wall back up (that we had earlier taken down for the view of the lake), with literally minutes to spare before the most intense rain storm. It rained so much it pooled into the sides of the tent, but everyone was eating and laughing and talking. Once dinner was over the skies cleared and it was a beautiful evening. A wedding day miracle!


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