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Love in the Time of Covid

#covidwedding #intimateceremony #midlandweddingphotography #elopement #love

I am so excited to be shooting weddings again. Some of my fall wedding clients have still not made the final call whether to postpone or change it up, so I'm not sure how many more weddings I will get to be a part of this year. But in the spirit of appreciating the present, I am cherishing every single bit of this elopement that I got to be a part of.

Lucky me that an officiant I know referred me to Amber and David. While we didn't do any typical wedding photo prep, nor did I meet either of them beforehand, today was a blessed kind of day. This morning I came downstairs to find that the caterpillar we had been raising had emerged out of its chrysalis! Seriously! What a good sign. And then as I walked down the path toward the ceremony location, I saw a monarch. (Maybe even our monarch?!)

Anyway, Amber and David arrived at Sainte Marie Park looking SO GREAT. I loved everything about their outfits and their whole vibe. It's an intimate thing to not only photograph a wedding, but also be an official signed witness as well! This was truly an elopement to celebrate the two of them and the life they are building together. I'm still bubbling with excitement about the short time I spent with them, I am thankful they shared some of their love and energy with me today.

Congratulations Amber and David!!

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