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Lush Greenhouse Garden Wedding

Madsen's Greenhouse Wedding

Stephanie and Jesse and I all met for coffee to go over their wedding details, and I knew right away that we would have a great time together. Being a wedding photographer is all about the people! The morning of the wedding it rained, but it did nothing for the heat! It felt like one of the hottest days of the summer, AND we were in a greenhouse. So many fans...

I just loved the green of the gardens. It was a dream to shoot a wedding there. It was a relaxed day, so everyone was able to spend time together and revel in the celebrations! Epic party to follow, and even a late-night wedding crasher (not the funny kind). So apparently that's a real thing to watch out for. Good thing the wedding party was super aware and dealt with it right away.

The party took off on the dance floor and everyone joined in a giant dance train that went around the whole hall. An awesome day and an awesome night, even through the sweat!


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