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Surprise Proposals and Covid Postponals

(I know "postponals" isn't a word...but language is fluid lol)

Bailey and Joel planned to get married in August, in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. Since their plans had to change, they reached out to me to celebrate a different way. They love to explore together, so on one of their explorations, hiking at Awenda Provincial Park, Joel insisted that Bailey HAD to see the turtles hatching down by the water. Bailey was not entirely thrilled, but Joel was strangely insistent. So down they went, and while Bailey was looking into the water, Joel was kneeling down behind her with a ring. Bam! Sneak attack engaged! The whole thing was quite a surprise, as Bailey told me they are "no frills type people." But damn, sometimes a ring moment is pretty great.

They wanted to return to this spot to spend a few quiet moments together, and I'm so pleased I got to be a part of it with them. Photography is such an intimate thing, being invited into people's lives. I work to tell the story of each moment I get to witness, and that's the effort--to set up the shoot so it's not MY story that comes through but THEIRS. I have the lighting, and the framing, and the posing, but they have the story. It's my job to highlight what is naturally there.

As much as it's been a stressful disruption to my industry, I really love to see that people are paring things down to what is truly essential about a wedding and moving forward with that.

Congratulations Bailey and Joel! You have so many adventures to come.


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